Epi 2020 Crestwood Custom?


May 25, 2015
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Anyone put their hands on one of these? Rare as hen's teeth in stores around here & I'm still hesitant about in-store demoing.
Wondering particularly about the mini-HBs, neck profile, & "Tremotone" stability.


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Apr 27, 2012
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No Crestwood, but I own a Wilshire P-90.

I can say it's a great guitar and probably the best Epi I've encountered, absolutely flawless, better than my Standard '50s LP which at the time I got it I said the same of. They're both supposed to have the same Medium C neck profile (the Wilshire and Crestwood), and that's an accurate description. Not a large baseball bat (like my LP), not a thin shredder or even a thinner '60s type of profile you'd see on some models, just a good medium sized neck with a reasonably rounded shape to fill your hand comfortably. The newer Epi pickup lines are a cut above what they used to be, so while I can't attest to the character of mini humbuckers I'd say they're probably a nice example of one based on the P-90s I've got in my Wilshire and the newer Pro Buckers. Can't help with the Tremotone but there have been several models from Epi now over the last few years with that trem and I haven't seen any complaints. You're not going to be dive bombing but I'd imaging if you treat it like a Bigsby you'd be fine.

I'd like to pick up a Wilshire and a Coronet at some point, to have the set.

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