Emulated line out on DSL 201

DeafDumbBlind Kid

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Oct 13, 2007
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I had the DSL401 back in the day and never used the emulated line out, probably read somewhere that it didn't work very well. Granted this was back prior to DAW being as ubiquitous as it is today. Late last night I tried the emulated line out of my recently acquired DSL 201.

Usually when I play late, I go guitar>tuner>OD>compresser>audio interface. Listen via monitors turned down real low. After finding out how well this DSL201 works on low volume, I decided to try the emulated line out into my audio interface. Signal was guitar>tuner>OD>compresser>amp>emulated line out>audio interface. I got the immediacy of the amp in the room, I was probably a little too low on the monitors as the drums were drowned out unless I went with a sparse playing style.

The results far exceeded my expectations. I got a great signal and a take that needed nothing to sound good. All I did was automate a fade in and outro and it was ready to bounce to Music to listen on my phone through Bluetooth.

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