Eddie Van Halen at the Smithsonian


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Mar 1, 2014
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Something that i thought was really cool about the interview...he relates how getting gigs in the 70's was hard.Disco and punk were taking over.You needed to do some covers to get work,and he couldn't.He just didn't have the technique to make a cover sound like a good cover. It always came out sounding like him,not like the tune.Kinda messed up.

So he just said screw it,we'll just play our music and get on with it.

It was a good call.I remember the first time i heard VH's rendition of the Kinks,You Really Got Me.I thought what the hell,that is just so far off of center...its good!

I like that.:thumb:

I got to see one of their old set lists and there was some KC and the Sunshine Band on it. Now that's something I want to hear.

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