eBay online spectacles store? Anyone?


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Dec 1, 2011
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So, someone has tried those Chinese online glasses stores?

I am sick about local optical stores. Here in my town they are expensive and crap.

The last spectacles I ordered for use when working on the computer (medium distance) has broken in its right hinge after a month or so of use. I returned to the store and after to look for like crazy they found an identical frame and replaced it for me. One more month and the right hinge broke again. Then I didn't returned there anymore. Just 'fixed' it with tape but it is ugly and funky. It wasn't TOO much expensive but wasn't cheap either (around $150, say equivalent to $600 in USA).

I am very curious about to try one of those Chinese stores at eBay. A frame with prescription lenses plus shipping may not get to even $50 or so.

Any one would indicate me some?



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