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Jul 19, 2012
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,,about 7 months ago..E..yes E..grandson called him E when he picked or rather they picked each other,,

Uh..look at the paws..and legs..

Now E is about 15 lbs not yet a year old..friendliest cat..Munchie (grandson) and he are inseparable..

I'll get a new picture of E...but need to go panoramic..:)

Parts, love the kitty and Bass Mate. Does that YBA-2B have EL84 or 6V6 tubes?


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Oct 13, 2010
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Parts, love the kitty and Bass Mate. Does that YBA-2B have EL84 or 6V6 tubes?
Traynor is heavily modified by my old partner in my studio (engineer). Has 15" 140 JBL..a bright switch and he altered tone stack and feedback loop (I think). Sucker screams..EL84s.. Very strong..and a favorite in our studio.. Marshall type sound..or nasty bright with tone switch..
Works great for guitar and bass..\ Very heavy..
Love that amp..
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Oct 28, 2010
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This is Spooky, who looks surly, but who is actually a reasonably friendly sealpoint Siamese. He showed up in my driveway one night about 10 years ago as a younger adult cat... and after four days I realized that he apparently had no intention of leaving. So I brought him inside and he's been calling the shots around here ever since.

I've had plenty of cats in my lifetime, but Spooky is the first one that ever made me feel as though I were the one being adopted.

Spooky 06.jpg

He once commandeered a hat box and slept in it for about two weeks...


When one of my ex-wives became incredibly sick and spent 3 months in the hospital, I babysat her Boston Terrier until she was finally released. To my surprise, the Boston and Spooky got along very well together.



And this next one is my latest cat. Everyone called her "Goldie", but I renamed her as Meeper, and she actually seems to be aware that this is what I think her name should be.

Meeper is probably almost three years old. She was a feral cat that hung around in the parking lot of an apartment building that my other ex-wife lived in. The residents of the apartment building started to feed her to keep her around, so she was getting used to the idea that humans might not be so bad-- but she remained feral nonetheless.

Then somebody captured her somehow, and she was passed from one person to the next for a few months. Nobody could really put up with her, though, and so she finally ended up here with me.

When I first acquired her, she was still at least half-wild, and badly in need of a veterinarian's attention. She had some sort of bacterial skin infection, and she also needed all the standard shots for cats.


So I had the vet fix her up, and have been dealing with her ever since. She's a real sweetheart, but at first she and Spooky really clashed. Now, however, I have at least successfully discouraged them from fighting.

So they're slowly warming up to one another... and I'm pretty sure that ultimately, I won't have to worry about further squabbling between them.

In the meantime Meeper has become a extremely loving sort of critter when it comes to me. One might never realize that for the first couple of years of her life she was feral by observing her today. She's still a bit skittish at times, but there's nothing wild about her any more.

We have developed a very strong bond with one another. All her previous hissing and clawing has been replaced by a warm and affectionate demeanor.

This is the first cat I ever had to tame, and at first I wasn't even sure how to do it. But I figured things out as I went along, and it turned out to be mostly common sense: you have to give them space, yes-- but be persistently attentive towards them, calm and patient with them, and perpetually affectionate towards them.

You do that, and pretty soon a feral cat will become domesticated. But it takes a while. I've been working with her for several months already. I've gotten her to where I can pick her up and carry her around and she doesn't squirm to escape.

You should have been here when I had to stuff her into a cat carrier to take her to the vet, though... she fought like hell and tore me up pretty good. Man, she was furious! :laugh2:

But she sure has changed! These days, she often follows me around from room to room the way a dog might. Even Spooky has never done that!

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