DJI Mavic Pro


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Sep 17, 2011
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For those who want stunning aerial photos or video....

This thing is truly an amazing piece of technology. It's easy to fly and is rock steady in winds up to 22mph ….(which is pretty amazing)

I have had NO impacts (crashes) or mishaps with this. its sensor technology prevents many mistakes for the beginner. (it has a beginner mode) Landing is one button push, when flying in GPS mode it will come right back when called and land in pretty much the same spot it took off from. Or fly sport mode and forget GPS all together....(I would highly suggest getting lots of experience before trying that)

These things are so killer that I went and bought the new model and have no room/need for this one.

It comes with all the stuff pictured... and an extra battery. Which is nice for longer sessions.

Ask questions, I will have most answers.

$850 for the whole shebang ….Shipped in the continental USA (I need stuff for the new one)

You get:

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Additional Smart Battery

Extra Blades, quiet ones (one set)

Indoor blade guards (if your want to fly indoors)

Landing Pad, stakes

Two sets of different camera filters (these are $40 each)

Charger and power cord, USB cable

Memory 16GB card. (Micro something) high speed

Controller (can/should use your phone to fly but not necessary)

Cary case for the drone when folded

Carry case for remote

4K, Gimbled on board camera

You will need to register with the FAA (not a big deal) and display a registration number.
If your flying in controlled airspace (like near an airport) you do need FAA clearance. But its easy and you need to heed the rules.

And that's just common sense. While this thing is capable of 10,000 ft - you can't fly more than 400 ft up in the United States.

It has a range of 2 miles, but you'll never need it.

I live near Metro Detroit Airport and fly all the time, with clearance. Easy texting service that is automated.

This is one piece of amazing technology!