Dean string through v and ml tuning problems?

Davey Rock

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Aug 19, 2020
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Ok so obviously all guitars no matter how expensive will have tuning problems if they aren’t properly maintained, but funny enough, the dean v and dean ml which are copies of the Flying V and explorer/Flying V crossbreed, I’ve never really heard have an issue with tuning. I have a 2007 dean Razorback v with a Chinese no name Floyd copy. And to my surprise, it is amazing. No tuning issues once set. Granted only one of the knife edges is dulled down, is still doesn’t look like regular wear. It looks more like someone tapped it with a hammer. It isn’t a huge a route as the original Floyd would be so I can’t pull off extremely wide range with it, but I can pull off dime squeals and halen drop just fine. Still no tuning issues.

so basically, the dean ml and v 79 series which I’ve already heard are wonderful guitars, are they good without the locking bridge? Easily fixed with nut replacement if binding is an issue?

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