Dean Soltero SL - Made in Japan LP goodness......


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Jun 2, 2013
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Pulled this one off the market - and then stumbled upon another Les Paul that I just had to have (you know how it goes.....)

Dean Soltero SL - a slightly different twist on the normal Les Paul formula. These made in Japan versions are pretty uncommon, and are a big jump up in quality and specs from the Korean version. Here are some of the specs:

- Ebony fingerboard
- Dimarzio pickups custom made for this model
- rounded neck profile - I'd still put this one in the 60's camp, but it doesn't have the 'V' shape of the other Soltero versions
- satin chrome tune-o-matic bridge and normal stop tail piece
- Grover tuners
- thick flame maple top on this one with a very unique top carve

Ridiculous craftsmanship on this one - fretwork is some of the best I've seen. All solid, weighing in at 9 lb. 2 oz. Comes with a rectangular Dean hardshell case. Very, very clean - with the exception of an unfortunate chip on the back tip of the headstock (shown below and in the gallery)

Gallery here -

$675 gets this one to your door. As for trades - not likely, but you never know.....





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