David Bray Marshall 1987XL 50W Plexi /FT Soldano SLO


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Feb 12, 2009
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Looking to trade this amp (plus some cash) for a Soldano SLO 100

David Bray Marshall 1987XL 50W Plexi

This amp is in excellent condition. Amp was purchased new from David in 2007.
It has brand new EH EL34 tubes and re-bias job done by Musicians Electronic Service in Ardmore, PA 2/2009
Also have Sovtek EL84's w/THD Yellow Jackets (takes output down to about 20W)

Comes with footswitch for Dual Master Volume mod (see below)

If you don't know about David Bray's work, check his website out at: David Bray Amps
Make sure you listen to the sound clips, you'll be blown away.

This amp has the following mods:

*Bray Plexi Mod/Re-work I
From David's website: I designed this simply to satisfy myself. I've spent years altering the basic plexi circuit, and changing values and component composition throughout until I heard what I consider to be the perfect plexi tone. What I was going for was a basic design that was extremely dynamic and not too compressed, allowing my own style, or someone else’s to shine thru. The gain was somewhat increased, along with a more musical and earthy EQ. The amp had to clean up well just by using the volume control on the guitar, as well. I have listened to many great players thru this amp design, and they all sound radically different. I find that this type of sound exhibits a player's style and personal tone, rather than masking it.

*Dual Master Volume
Use a footswitch to switch between them. Only one is functional at a time...this way, you can set one slightly louder (or MUCH louder) for a solo volume. Also is great for getting louder when you turn down your guitar's volume pot to get a clean sound. Just like walking over and turning up your amp without the hassle.

*Channel 2 Dual-Sound This is a push/pull option that greatly increases flexibility. Pull it out and highs and mids, as well as gain, are added to channel 2...beyond what is done in the mod work. Great for rolling off bass while still keeping the sound of both channels on ten. Also works as a high-cut for channel 1, if you pull it out while channel 2 is turned most or all of the way down

*Vintage/Hot Switch
This is a push/pull pot option that also greatly increases the flexibility, giving you the option between a mellower, more vintage sound and a hotter, gainier one. Adding this and the Channel 2 Dual-Sound gives an amp with a Mod/Rework a much broader range of capabilities –

*Deep Switch

*Treble switch

I sent this amp back to David 3/2009 for some more gain. He changed the Mod 1 re-work to sound like the Mod 3 re-work. (see photo) http://i40.tinypic.com/mjwidc.jpg
It still sounds like a plexi until you pull out the front switches (Loudness 1 and 2) then all hell breaks loose. (hard rock/metal sound)

If you have a Soldano SLO 100 contact me and let’s see if we can work out a trade deal.
BTW if anyone is interested……Krank Rev JR in picture …$350 shipped.
[email protected]

Thank You for looking



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