Curved Truss Rod Channel-Going to make the attempt using Roman suggested method.


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Apr 10, 2008
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I'm to the point where I need to start worrying about the truss rod. I purchased a vintage rod from Stew Mac but lately I've been wondering if I shouldn't go with a two way double rod because it's easier to install and seems to work well for many of you. I've decided to at least attempt to go with the vintage rod. I can't quite figure out a way to easily carve a curved channel in the neck. Both Greg and Roman suggested methods. Greg's method was to clamp the neck in a backbow and then cut the slot. I've been having trouble figuring out how I could do this with my available tools.

I'm going to try and use a method suggested by Roman in a previous thread. He suggested that instead of trying to actually carve a curved channel you do the following: (Roman correct me if I didn't understand correctly.)

1. Cut out a strip of maple that is the same width of the truss rod channel.

2. Place slightly curved rod onto the strip and then trace the outline.

3. Cut the strip on the line you traced.

4. One side of the cut will be placed in the channel first and becomes the curved channel.

5. The other side of maple becomes a perfectly matched filler strip to be placed on top of the inserted truss rod.

A couple of quick questions before I try this.

1. I know a normal channel is supposed to be around a 1/2 inch deep. How deep should I cut the channel for this method? I assume it has to be a little deeper but how deep is a little deeper? 9/16"? 5/8"? Some other number?

2. How tight should the top maple filler strip fit against the rod?

Oh yeah, one more. How much should I bow the rod?

I will photograph the process so you can follow along and make fun of me if I blow it somehow. Not to worry though I will be attempting this first on a 2x4.

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