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Aug 15, 2017
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And good morning to everyone.

I've been busting butt making orders with the laser. Mine broke down and I ended up buying a backup laser to get stuff out of here. 10 orders out yesterday, 18 going out today.
Ordered a larger faster laser but it won't be here until Feb.


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Feb 20, 2013
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Yep... 20 guitars with 20 different necks.
When I grab one, my feeling ranges from "ooo that's chunky" to "ooo that's nice"... but my playing is equally mediocre on any of them. My SG is a telephone pole, the LP is a bit thinner, the V is thinner still, but I don't favor one over the other.

I didn't like SGs for a good while because the first ones 'I tried' had 'flimsy' necks to me... A few years back a bud bought a new SG and it had a very substantial neck and I loved it.... That thing had grapefruit size 'nads..... Loved it.... Screamer...

I am not a 'thick neck' person....nor any particular neck profile.... Depends on the guitar.... all my guitars are different 'feels'.... Depends on the guitar....

After being a hella critic of PrimeVibe & ToneRite contraptions some years back, I bought a PrimeVibe pretty much to debunk it for myself.... Boy was I surprised when I learned from treating all of my guitars and basses, the solid body does not change to a great degree but I found the necks change like hell after 7 days at 24hrs a day nonstop excitement with audio.... I was talking to a lifelong bud that played touring backline & studio most of his life about it. He plays anything with strings, including violin (& country fiddle work). He said 'We fiddle players have known about waking up wood for decades. We done it with radios, in front of stereo speakers, etc., and playing.... One known flat picker at string change would take strings off, put a new battery in a small transistor radio, stick it in the body and let it run until the batteries died, then string it back up..... Hence my belief that playing a guitar ages it and improves the sound, not time under the bed...


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Mar 18, 2009
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We moved into new rehearsal space this week. We stopped renting a space when gigs dried up in early 2020. Now it's getting too cold to rehearse in an unheated garage, so it's back indoors. One nice thing is that we're getting a better set up to record rehearsals. Now we have to hear the truth.
taylor space.jpg


The dickens you say!
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May 29, 2015
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I officially retired at 7:15 AM this morning. No more night shift, no more partial sleep before work, no more pay. I share accommodations and I will receive all the gov't pensions, so I'll be OK.
It's scary to think of having nothing I have to do. I've worked at physical jobs for the last 42 years, so I better start exercising some.

After I've taken a rest for a week or month or something like that.

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