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Aug 24, 2014
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So Thanksgiving is a pretty big deal to me. I moved down here on Thanksgiving day 1988. I'd signed my deal on the restaurant to assume operations on Jan. 1 '89. I came down Nov. 1 and stayed in a motel to spend some time with the managers who ran it for the previous owner. Went home and packed up the commissary truck with all our stuff. Spent Wednesday night at the inlaws, had Thanksgiving dinner and headed south. Truck showed up Friday, kitchen crew unloaded after lunch. Sallie had a garage sale Saturday, loaded up the country squire with kids, all that was left and a goldfish on the dash and they headed down. I had managed to get the tree up and lights on the house for their Sunday night arrival. We bought it out of near bankruptcy from a franchisee of the company I was an operations guy for. They had managed to kill it in 18 months. I was cocky enough to think I could make it work. Plus, I hated being a road warrior. Was really wanting it to work. Hoping for a good run and a decent chapter. Year 33 begins. Been interesting for sure.
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dave b

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Oct 20, 2010
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Late this morning. She just handed me my coffee. Jeeze, Texas is two hours earlier. We're slippin'.:laugh2:

"goldfish on the dash" of a Country Squire. Thanx for the laff, Pop.

.....and as a former small business owner (lasted almost seven years) I congratulate you on 32.


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Sep 27, 2020
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i've said before - I admire anyone who can make a go of a hospitality business. Hardest job in the world outside farming to my mind. 32 years and counting requires a serious doff of the cap. Congrats Pop.

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