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Jan 5, 2012
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Still no stimulating deposit; didn't want to call bank because I was afraid of getting some mush-mouth from New Delhi.

But I called just to check; he wasn't too bad, I could 70% make out what he was saying.

IRS site says you don't need to do anything, but watch your snail mail for a debit card or check, don't call us.

OK, derp.
I ain't in no danger or panic mode; but I also don't want it going into the ether or some DavGrape in Louisiana or someplace.


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Feb 20, 2013
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New Indie music is, ah; kinda 'formulaic.'
최고 Apparently Kid GIF들 | Gfycat
A lot of it is...but no more than any... Lots of ‘recipe’ music all around...has been for decades....

Especially Jiffy Pop Country bullshit.... And what’s with all the male singers in JPC singing like a drunk ass crack head through their nose? “ Slide on ovarh heeeeeruh geeeeerill.... “ Dimwits....

Loved the vid a few years back about swapping vocal tracks and laying em on different songs....and it worked... Damn Jiffy Pop Country.....

There is good Independent music out there...just like some notso....

It’ll get better as time goes by... It may be the final death knell of the big music czars.... So many do their own thing now... I love it....even though some is lacking to a good extent.... it is for the better.... They can control their own projects start to finish....

Today, you can do it all yourself or hire a studio for the recording and you do the rest yourself, or any combination...up to you... Doesn’t get much better’n that.

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