Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?


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Jan 5, 2012
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On this Pluto TV; freebie with Amazon Fire Stick TV, you get the 'Classics' TV channel.
Flipper, (Flipper was good, looking at it these days) Little Rascals, bunch of stuff.
But 'My Favorite Martian.' Oh lordy.
Dull as dishwater.


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May 29, 2015
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Howdy folks and folkettes. I have four days off, and I might go to L&M and trade my Vintera. Those bastids at Fender have not only raised prices on everything, but released a Road Worn Vintera '50s Tele (October.) Blonde or Lake Placid Blue in hand aged nitro. I would have held off if I'd known about it. L&M might let me trade up without a loss since I've only had mine for two or three weeks.

Lee Anderton said that the Mexico plant has to purge the paint lines to spray nitro, as they don't have separate nitro lines. So, the Road Worn series will all be done in a batch, then the run is over and they'll go back to poly.

If I'm allowed to trade up, I'll have to reach into my pocket for another $315 taxes in. The guitars are identical aside from the finish, so there's no sonic difference, and it isn't really worthwhile to trade. But the previous Road Worn series is well regarded, and these will be a 2020 thing only.


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