Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?


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Oct 31, 2016
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That's exactly what most of em look like.
Funny thing is the wife and I considered doing a little review service on our own..

We like to travel, and hit the small places off the beaten path and back in the hill towns.. We have found some gems too.

One thing I considered was to a least have some basic standards in what would be considered good food and service, up to something exceptional.

Not to be biased or act like you're a god or something..

I like to leave the door open and let them show me what they do.

To me a baseline of good service would be a few simple things...

Don't let my drink run out..
Don't make me come get you to refill my drink, or to get service.
Check back at least once, better twice while we are eating, don't ignore us.
Personable disposition, friendly - happy preferred

Food should be edible - diner food is diner food- fancy place had better be better

Bang for buck - expensive OK if its worth it
Good price for exceptional food, yeah that's high marks!
Fancy place serves overpriced diner food or worse...... we don't go back

I grade a place as 50/50 food and service

50% of my grade is based on the owner's interest in his customers, I love to see them out and about on the floor. I will go out of my way to compliment them on a great meal experience. I have also quietly pulled them aside afterward if there was something we thought he should know about.

wait staff friendliness and efficiency, cooks abilities count too.

Food quality, seasoning, taste, freshness, WOW factor , portion, and bang for buck are the other 50%

Can't wait to review your place! LOL!!!:laugh2:

Looks great from the pics..