Cupcake? Heresy? Pony? 4 stacks of plexi?


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May 29, 2015
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To momentarily move away from Da Tree Stooooges, (although I am enjoying the posts) I was still in GAS mode after missing the cheapo Melody Maker. I decided to buy a generic hard case for the F-20. I bought one for a classical guitar. I tried one for a Yamaha APX type, and although it fit mostly, the angle was wrong and the case pressed down on the neck. The classical case had more depth, but was bigger in the bout areas. I have some dense foam to take up the slack at the end pin and small bouts.

Now only the Jazzmaster needs an HSC The Squire bass and the Indo Skrat aren't getting one (the Skrat sleeps in my last remaining Gibson gig bag.)
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