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Aug 15, 2017
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Was walking to clean out the cat boxes, and heard one that sounded in distress. Found one of my oldest, but still only about 12... crumbled on the ground, unable to move. I thought her back was broken, and rushed her to the ER vet, as mine was gone for the day.

After examining her, they came out with the news that it looked like extreme organ failure.

I knew this was coming, for a year... when we discovered her liver levels were off, and wouldn't respond to meds. I changed her diet, put her on vitamins, supplements.

She acted completely normal, until this afternoon.

I fucking wasn't ready for this.

I'm only comforted by the fact I was home, and got to end her suffering. It would have killed me, knowing she suffered.

So sorry to hear. I'm glad you were there for her. It sounds like you did everything possible to give her a healthy long life.