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Aug 21, 2015
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I asked a question a few weeks ago to see if anyone had any experience with CoolZ guitars. For those that don't know, CoolZ is another Shimamura store brand, similar to History, but more budget priced. But they are built by Fujigen in Japan, so I felt they would probably be pretty decent.

What I really wanted to find was a cheap doublecut junior in cherry finish. Instead, I was able to grab one in TV Yellow pretty cheap since it had a couple of good size dings on the back corner. It's a 2007 ZLJ-2.

What I expected to get was a fairly well built guitar with really crappy electronics and hardware. What I got was a very well built guitar with OK electronics and hardware. The pots are full size and seem to operate just fine. And the P-90 sounds like it should. It may benefit from $50-$100 worth of upgrades, but I'm in no hurry.

The neck is straight and the fretwork is typical Fujigen quality. The frets are tapered and smooth, no sharp or overhanging ends. The necks is beefy, but not huge. It's very easy to play up and down the neck with no buzzing and stays in tune. And the tone is pure Junior. This guitar needed nothing except a fresh set of strings. I would not hesitate to take this to a gig right now.

This junior compares nicely to the Edwards doublecuts I've owned. The electronics might be a small step below the Edwards and it doesn't have a lacquer top coat. But it certainly plays and resonates every bit as good. And price-wise, the CoolZ was significantly less.

Anyway, I thought the members here might be interested in this MIJ brand that doesn't get much attention. If this particular guitar is any indication, the CoolZ brand may be worth some consideration for those looking for a fairly low priced but quality guitar.






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Mar 14, 2012
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Fujigen has earned it's association with quality made instruments and they rarely disappoint. Always worth the gamble IMO.

BTW Congrats !! and thanks for the review.


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Aug 27, 2015
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Thanks for the review! Where did you pick this up from?

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