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Mar 11, 2009
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Wow that's excellent. I'm kinda surprised actually. For those of you who don't know, James just had a child. So congrats @cooljuk!!!!

Thank you. Yes, my wife delivered our son unexpectedly, via emergency c section, two months early. Although he is doing very well, even ahead of the curve, as the doctors say, he will be living at the hospital in the NICU until maybe mid-July, on oxygen, a feeding tube, and under 24 hour monitoring and excellent care. My wife, unfortunately, is having some pretty rough complications. She has gone back through the ER four times, since delivery. She's on some heavy medication to control her blood pressure now (a problem brought on by the complicated pregnancy), and has developed another issue which keeps her constantly sick, unable to keep down even fluids or her pills, quite often. It looks like there is a gallbladder removal surgery in her near future, but we are still going through the process of waiting on tests to be scheduled, while trying to keep her comfortable and stable. With my wife and son at the hospital, I'm basically living there, myself. ReWind Electric is presently "closed" though I've still managed to get in a few hours a week at the shop.

It was a rough time for an unexpectedly early and complicated delivery, as we were averaging about 90 days build time, already, just from heavy volume of business (a good problem to have, considering some are looking for work!). Though this is definitely a slow season for ReWind, it's also a growing season. I've spent all my downtime at the hospital, while Mrs. and Jr. ReWind are sleeping, redesigning some parts, working more with my favorite in-town machinists on new parts, dies, and tools. I've discussed some new wire specs with my wire manufacturer, based on results I've gotten with some NOS spools I really like. Basically improving some methods and materials, as well as reconsidering my approach to some things to streamline without cutting a single corner on quality or service. We will catch up. This isn't slacking or a mental breakdown, or poor management of resources and time. I'm also not in the backlog due to short supply situation of many amp and pedal makers who rely on offshore parts. The delays with ReWind Electric right now are just my playing the hand I've been dealt, which is a great hand, but also a slow play.

Rest assured that the 10 year anniversary of ReWind Electric, coming up in 2022, will bring with it improvements in pickups across the board, some new exciting models (revised Pagey pickups?!), and perhaps even going open-source with some known model, like the Creme Brûlées, as a gift to the MLP tinkers and other builders. A number of other very cool things on the horizon, as well, but I've shared more than I intended, already. :thumb: You guys heard it here first.

Thanks for all the patience and understanding, as well as the well wishes and prayers my family has been receiving. We absolutely welcome that and need it. Strength comes from hardship, and we welcome the opportunity to walk away from a tough summer stronger and better.
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Jan 14, 2011
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And finally here they are
A fine set of pickups bridge measure around 7,9k installed and neck 8,5k
Nice touch responsive pups drives the JMP in very pleasant way

@cooljuk provided some starting set up specs whick I’ll start with and tweak by ear.

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