Cool video about music from the 70s


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Jun 4, 2012
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Funny thing about this video is that the last 10 minutes or so are about disco and how funk and rock musicians hating disco because it was "machine music" or music that didn't require musicians.

It's kind of funny how this is repeating itself today with sampled music and how non musicians are making music from samples. Rap and pop music is something that comes to mind.

But it also happened in the mid to late 80s which also died out and was replaced by grunge and edgy alternative music. And these musicians rebelled against the pop and music coming out of the late 80s which was artificial/synthesized music made from an effect or a keyboard, the same way that the bands that are interviewed in this documentary.

[ame=]The History of Rock n' Roll - The 70's: Have a Nice Decade - YouTube[/ame]

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