Cool Dr Boogey pedal

Iron Broadsword

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Mar 14, 2012
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I built this pedal a few years ago and it seems to have changed hands a few times and gotten some awesome authentic battle damage along the way. I came across somebody selling it on ebay this morning and thought I'd share.

Mesa Sound Dr Boogey Boogie Distortion Pedal Warzone | eBay

It's the lead channel preamp circuit out of a dual rectifier, shrunk down to use JFETs (transistors) instead of 12ax7's. I can vouch for it's tone and you will not find another gain pedal you'll like the sound of more. Some dr boogeys come out sounding terrible, but the ones I build do not. I've no idea what the other guys are doing wrong, lol. Anyways, thought I'd share. I'm actually considering buying it myself. :D

This was recorded with the DB and my class 5:

Hector Arcadius

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Aug 25, 2009
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Just some background on this pedal:

The guy behind the design of Dr. Boogie is a Greek guy, named Christos Daifotis. He runs his company now, called Crazy Tube Circuits. If I'm not mistaken, his current offering that is close to ( / an updated version of ) Dr. Boogie, is the Black Magic:

Black Magic MkII

Perhaps you would like to check this out as well.

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