Combo pa to head/4x12 conversion project.

Davey Rock

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Aug 19, 2020
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Made some mentions about this project in a couple other posts but never have made a post specific to this. Not sure this thread belongs in this category but here goes.
Here are some pics.

here is the reverberated tank. At the moment I have it mounted upside down from the top of the head. Standing up, this is actually the bottom of the head. I'll probably have to move it. Some say that it effects the tone because of placement and a chance of electronics interfering with the springs.

This is black and white speaker wire that led to the 1x15 speaker. From what others have said, I can strip the ends of these two, and solder them to a switch craft Jack for use with a speaker cable to the cab.


This is the horn speaker. Not sure what it's purpose is, but it could easily be disconnected from the motherboard so that's what I did. It wasn't connected to the speaker outputs so I guess it had something to do with reverb, I hope it doesn't effect it's use. As you can see, the tab end broke off, and I thought it was ugly so I decided to just do it away. The fender PDF Manuel for this amp says it's a piezo speaker, but it says Motorola stamped on the plastic. Don't know much about that it may be the same company but I know moto does phones and speakers alike so I guess it's together with piezo but idk.

This is the amps front face plate. Pay attention to my "professional" use of a jigsaw. Not wrapped yet, still gotta add plywood to the bottom.
Give some feedback tips criticism etc. I'll also add future posts in this thread during the process. This will take a while tho. Money is tight with only odd jobs.

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