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Apr 5, 2014
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I recently bought an Ibanez Gio GRX70QA. It's a really great guitar for the money. I was going to put in a coil split switch for the bridge humbucker and had instructions on how to do so using the white wire in a 4-wire pickup. The Gio's switching is a 5-position Strat-type configuration and when I got into it, I found both red and white wires had been used as part of the switching system. I'm trying to use a two-terminal, two-position toggle but there are almost no wiring diagrams for this. I tried to just attach it in the middle of the white wire (from pickup, to switch) but this did not work and the on position just produces a hum. Is there any way I can wire this correctly or will I have to use a 6-position switch which I have on hand? Thanks in advance!


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Jun 12, 2015
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Ok.... you have 2 hums and a single, right? In position 2 and 4, the hums are already coil tapped, giving you the traditional strat "quack". Are you trying to make the hums tapped in the 1 and 5 position also?

You would need 2 push pulls, one B500k, the other A500k, (Vol and tone respectively) White wire from 5 way switch to center lug on one of the push/pulls switches, (Say the neck pickup to the new vol push/pull) then bottom lug of push/pull to ground. OR you can use ONE push/pull, and wire the white wires from the 5 way switch to each side of the push/pull (Neck on one side, bridge on the other side, middle lug) and the bottom lugs go to ground. Down, would be the hum normal, up would be singles.

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