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Jun 25, 2014
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Hello guys. I wanted to see what those of you who use a CNC think of this drawings I'm working on Rhino.

It's a Rick 660. I had to work my way around from some pics I found online, as I didn't find plans.

In particular I'm not sure about the neck height at the neck-body joint.
Also, the fretboard looks a little off and I don't know why, I have to check again.

I still need to work on the neck, any tip on that?

I cut a weight relief, I just thought that all maple bodies might be too heavy.
There is a maple back cap.

Here are a couple of picks, if you want the Rhino file just PM me.

Obviously this is just for my "hobby", I'm not planning on selling a guitar I may make someday.



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Jan 19, 2012
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Here is the drawing I made up for a 330ish neck. I think the bodies on the 660s are very thin, like 1 1/4". That's how they get away with the solid maple.

The top of the neck was about 3/8" above the top of the guitar. I dry fit the neck and them mocked up the bridge and pups then adjusted the fret board thickness. Generally the fret boards are very thick on these guitars, like 3/8". I made mine quite a bit thinner because I used a two way truss rod that was thicker than the normal Rick double TRs.

Cheers Peter.

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