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Aug 18, 2008
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Hello everyone..

So, I have been digging around a whole lot with my soldering iron in my cavity, and I have been soldering inside the cavity.. This has lead to some buzz noise and generally an overall poorly job (visually).

I have been living with the buzz so far, because this is my primary guitar that I use with the band, so i haven't had the time..

Seeing as how the xmas holiday is coming up, i am planning on rewiring the whole thing and doing it properly and dead sexy this time (and outside the cavity.. haha)

anyways.. i could use some pointers on the wire itself.. here i am talking about the wires around inside the cavity.. what kind of wires should i use?

also.. is it possible to extend the wires from the pickups? The pickup wires are these big wires with metal around (ground) some cloth and a single wire inside.. Having switches pickups a couple of times, the wire is getting a bit short.. Can i just solder on some extra wire without losing any tone etc, or should the entire pickup wire be replaced (by someone who knows how)??

Thank you all in advance,


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Sep 8, 2009
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Just solder some extra wire.

A proposed method, ignore if you already have one in mind that's more practical:
Expose the single wire that's inside the cloth sheath and make a little hook with it; get the extra wire - preferably insulated with PVC/cloth/etc so it doesn't short with any other connection - and make another hook.

Connect both hooks and press them together. Heat that connection with a soldering iron and insert some solder into the connection.
Make sure the connection is stable, tape it together and voilà! Pickup has extended leads.

Have confidence in yourself, hope it helps.


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Dec 1, 2009
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And, next time, instead of cutting the wire, just unsolder it.

I have recently put together a guitar that's been sitting apart for a loooong time and was testing out some Seymour Duncan P-Rails. I left waaay too much wire in the cavity (but I also knew for certain I'd be undoing it all at some point soon).

I'll be re-wiring everything pretty soon myself. I'd like to hear any tips anyone has for cleaning up the rat's nest myself.

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