Chicago Blues box Halsted 18 watt Plexi Fender tones (mint)

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Apr 25, 2007
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FOR SALE IN USA ONLY, NO TRADES: Chicago Blusebox Halsted 18 watt 1-12 combo (Mint), sometimes called “LiL Buddy”, as in the Famous Blues guitarist Buddy Guy. I believe the “LiL’ Buddy” name was inspired by Chicago Amps signature Buddy Guy’s Bassman clone finished in the same chocolate brown tweed finish, though the two amps are completely different. Dan at Chicago amps told me that he was also building a Halsted for Buddy Guy for practicing. The Halsted is a 18 watt Fender and Marshall tone monster, and is built like a tank. The tones range from vintage tweed to fantastic brown, smooth Marshall Plexi over driven tones. This amp is perfect for everything from blues, jazz, and classic rock. They retail for over 2K, and take awhile to have built if one is not available in a store. Three JJ 12AX7's, two EH6CA7's, one JJ 5AR4 rectifier tube. I really like the new EH 6CA7's, they sound like huge EL when cranked, but sound just as great whent playing clean. ** Power tubes have individual bias, so you can mismatch tubes if you KT66 one EL34, or one 6L6 one 5851, etc. Perfect when your dealing with nos tubes that may not be perfectly matched.

Check out my short sound clip under Chris on the amp site.

The Chicago Blues Box Amps: Custom Tube Power That Amplifies Your Soul.

18 watts into 8 ohms
12" Eminence Wizard: Great for clean Fender tone, and sweet over driven tones.
10' AC Cord
**NEW** Master Volume Type Circuit Design, but Dan at Chicago amps can install a switch under the chassis where the extension speaker jack is located to turn the master on or off, and relocated the extension speaker jack to the rear bottom of the cab like his Kingston combo amp.
3-12AX7 pre-amp tubes
Class A/B amp uses any combination 5881-6L6-EL34-6V6 (Standard 6L6TAD) Ships with 6V6
tubes. 5AR4 rectifier. * With individual bias, you ca mismatch power tubes.
Panel Features: Preamp Volume, Treble, Bass, on/off, standby, Master Volume, high and low input jacks
External Speaker Out (chassis mounted)
Point to Point wired on custom blue fiber eyelet board
Top quality metal film 1 watt resistors rated within 1% of spec value(exactly the same resistors used in the 1960's Zenith tube equipment)
Grounds and Lead Dressings routed for quiet operation
Silver plated 17 strand teflon coated wire (for reliability and maximum tone transfer)
Custom made transformers
Paper wound output transformer
Cabinets are pine w/ finger jointed corners, available in bronze with cane grill looks like a miniature Buddy Guy amp (LiL Buddy) amp.
Cream Chicken Head put the finishing accent on these amps.

This amp is mint in perfect working order with no mods. Again, the tones ranges from fat ,sweet ,clean Fender tones to fat, sweet , crunchy, and smooth Marshall Plexi tones.

Also on Ebay:

eBay: Chicago Blues box Halsted 18 watt Plexi Fender tones (item 150140865748 end time Jul-15-07 11:42:14 PDT)

Shipping and payment:
Payment: US Postal or CitiBank money order only,sorry no Paypal.

Shipping: $1,600.00 includes UPS ground shipping or pick up in LA, CA for $1,550.00 USA only. Amp will be well packed.

More pictures:
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