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Jan 24, 2010
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On oct 12th my wife was hit head on by some idiot who lost control of his car in the rain and came across the double yellow line and damn near killed her.
She has had 3 surgeries on her stomach area they think were caused by the seatbelts and almost severed her right foot. She spent 4 days in Uni of md shock trauma and then sent to a medical rehab center for 2 weeks until they could operate on her very badly broken ankle which took place yesterday.
please check over your own insurance because in cases like this his insurance company immediately took responsibility. The problem was he is in the military and from Ga and only carried 25,000 liability. So in cases like this I have USAA they step in and because I had 200,000 liability they will also kick in 175,000 towards the hospital bills. So now I have to go after him for pain and suffering and remaining medical bills. She has good health insurance so they will pick up what is not paid and then if I get anything out of him they will want part of that also.

For just a few more dollars a month you can pretty much max out your insurance.

She has a long road ahead of her but she will get back to normal eventually.

Would appreciate the people on here that believe in a higher power say a few words to the big man for her....

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Holy smokes, EH. I am glad she is going to be OK.

Document all expenses and lost wages. And document the cost of the damage. Their insurance company will not only be responsible for all of that, but you will be entitled to a settlement. Pursue it by all means. It is a process. They are going to make you an offer to absolve themselves of future financial responsibility. Add up everything. You should demand at least 5 times of all expenses and losses incurred. This is a formula. You will probably settle at somewhere around 3 times total losses and expenses.

I would start all correspondence with "My lawyer advises me..." whether you have a lawyer or not. That language will trigger them into settlement mode and puts you in the driver's seat. Their actuaries have already accounted for all of this before you even had the accident. You and your wife are entitled to this compensation.

If your wife is unable to work or work at full capacity due to this life changing event, you will want to find a good lawyer. She needs to be compensated for loss of future potential wages. Don't let them tell you they only cover limited liability. That is bullshit.

Your insurance company will recover cost incurred to them.

You and your wife need to make sure you are compensated for costs and damages done to your lives.

Best of luck and pursue this in great detail.

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Oct 7, 2013
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Well its been 3 months and we can finally retire the wheel chair as my wife is able now to move around with her foot in a boot and a walker or cane. Its gone much better than originally thought and hopefully she will gain back most of her mobility with not too much pain. She is now entering the rehab part of it with a total of 16 in home visits over the next 2 months.

People seem to think it odd to get a lawyer very quickly but its now seems the clown that hit her rather quickly tried to divest himself of a few pieces of property and other things in hopes of it not being tied to him. Someone must had ill advised him in that respect..

My wife as of last week has racked up almost $145,000 in medical bills and luckily the insurance had covered most of it so far..

I have nothing but great things to say about University of Md shock trauma center as they have continued to provide her with fantastic medical care...

Goodbye wheel chair

Maybe the cat will miss it but I sure as hell wont..

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