Celestion Speaker Pairs $400


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Mar 1, 2009
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Well Guys,

I'm downsizing half of my amps and speakers. These speakers are incredibly stellar sounding, they along with the cabinets were used to voice various Trainwreck heads with particular speaker configurations. The best amps require the best cabinets and best speakers. Your amp and cab and speakers have more to do with your tone than your guitars. No Trades. All prices firm

(1) Celestion 15 Watt Blue Alnico 16 ohm & (1) Scumnico 15 Watt 16 ohm Mint Condition $400 Pair

(2) Celestion 25 Watt Blackback 16 ohm Mint Condition $400 pair

(2) Celestion 50 Watt Gold Alnico 16 ohm Mint Condition $425

(2) Scumback Pre-Rola 30 Watt 16 Ohm Mint Condition $300

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