Celestion Pulsonic 55Hz observation


Oct 4, 2015
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...first... I am not sure if this here is the right part of the forum - but it sounded like the best fit to me ;)
I am after the old Pulsonic tone since I got my hand on a ´68 4x12 Basketweave with 3 of the original G12H30 still working. It was quite a good deal, almost a steal - but I was about 20 years then and did know nothing about what I had there...

Many years later, the cab most of the time unemployed, I started research and my jaw dropped almost to ground, when findig out about what I got. 3 G12H30 55Hz original Pulsonic cone from 1968...
But one of the Speakers had serious buzz (in fact it was the spider not glued properly anymore, not the voice coil).
So I took it out and replaced it (and another, unknown speaker) with a pair of early "Rolas", which had the Pulsonic Bass Cones as well. The cab was sold, because I had no use for a closed back 4x12 for my playing style.
At this time I was aware of the value, but not about the sound of the cab.

The G12 I took out before was resting in the closet, waiting for its resurrection.

I found out about a guy here in germany, repairing old speakers (even with killed voice coils) and retaining the original cones. He unglues the cone, changes the voice coil (using Nomex) and glues the original cone back in.
For anybody interested, his website is
and he is doing serious work for fair fees.

I sent him my G12H30 and was blown away, when I got it back. It went into my 18w/TMB Combo-Amp and sounded marvellous.

After this experience I took a shot on a pair of fresh reconed G12M 75Hz Greenbacks (Cones were Muellers) - and was pretty underwhelmed...
For playing lots of clean sounds the upper mid spike (though lesser compared to a V30) was annoying to me - especially because I was used to the wider frequency range of the G12H type of speakers.
But I was asking myself ever since, if the 55Hz version did a better job for me.
The problem... G12M 55Hz with the 014 Pulsonic cone go for big money, when they go at all.

It took me years, to find an affordable. And I found it for cheap, because of a dead voice coil.
The seller sent it directly to Mr. Bischoff from PPA-Audio, who repaired the speaker in the described way, keeping the old cone intact.

I was really excited, when I recieved the speaker last week.

And... underwhelmed again. I tried it with my 18w and a humbucker guitar (Yamaha Revstar 820) and it sounded really dull in my living room (playing relatively silent). Way duller than the G12H I was used to.
The next day, I wanted to give it another try and used my strat - and I gave the speaker a nod more power from the amp.


Oct 4, 2015
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so... my findings are a little bit odd (to me).

My impression is, that a singlecoil guitar like a strat is giving me a very comparable frequency response with the G12M 55Hz Speaker, that I get with a humbucking guitar and the G12H 55Hz (while the latter is a whole lot LOUDER).
They don´t sound the same, but giving the tone a comparable character or voice.
So Strat and a G12M 55Hz is a great fit for blues players (and that´s what I am).

But... much more counterintuitive and surprising to me... for having less treble range / top end to begin with, the G12M sounds duller at lower volumes. Though the G12H wakes up itselves, when pushed a little harder, it comes alive earlier, at lower levels, compared to the G12M.
The G12M 55Hz sounded wonderful, woody, smooth - but still with that certain attitude, british speakers tend to show - but to bring it alive, it has to be pushed harder than the G12H. Playing louder, it also came alive with my humbucker guitar.
But to start giving the top end / treble-content, it has to get some serious level - more than the G12H.

It doesn´t have to go to the limit - but percievable more than bedroom (or even living room) level.

I would have expected the lighter speaker to be more dynamic at lower volumes - but the opposite seems to be true.

This means to me, that I would power a G12M 55Hz with my TMB any time. But I am not sure, if a 2x12 or 4x12 cab would be driven properly be an 18w amp. I could imagine, the 4x12 staying dull, just because of the lack of push.
I would not expect any of this, if a 4x12 was loaded with H 55s, driven by a TMB...

Is this just MY findings? Any opinions?

best regards

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