Carl Martin PlexiTone V2 distortion pedal


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Dec 8, 2009
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Awesome boutique distortion pedal, made famous by Pete Thorn who helped to redesign the version 2. It's one of the best distortions I've ever played and really nails the higher gain, hot-rodded Marshall tones (think Van Halen and other modded Marshalls from the 80s). Check out the Pete Thorn videos on YouTube!

I just don't play it anymore since buying a Mesa Triple Crown, and since selling my vintage '76 Hiwatt. It was my very favorite distortion pedal to use with the Hiwatt, actually. It also sounded great with a Suhr Badger 30 that I no longer own.

Excellent condition with original box and manual. No velcro on the back.

$140 shipped and PayPal'd, that looks to be $20 cheaper than the cheapest one listed on Reverb.


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