Carl Martin AC Tone volume issue ?

heavy blueser

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Jan 17, 2008
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hey guys, so I recently bought the Carl Martin AC Tone Single Channel Pedal---
I already loved the plexitone so I decided I needed some voxy flavours as well.
While the AC Tone delivers big time on the desired gritty jangle front I noticed something with the volume pot that caused me to worry I might have gotten a defective pedal:

I have to raise the volume to about 12 o clock or even more to get some decent sound out of it--
Below that the pedals is bordering on almost silent or way too quiet.
The plexitone (and any other pedal of that vain that I have) already breathes fire when the vol knob is barely 1/4 open

Any of you experienced the same ? is this normal with this pedal - as it is comparatively lowish gain or is there a defect in the pot/knob ?

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