Cannabis experts, please help

dave b

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Oct 20, 2010
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Hope you get this sorted out, J. You make your living from this , IIRC.

Free samples* for all the posters in this thread? Think of all the free advertising:laugh2:

* Offer only good in Canada:cool2::rofl:



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Jan 26, 2016
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Have fans blowing on your plants. It helps cut down on excess moisture in the air that can cause a fungus.
if you are inside growing and have any old desktop computers around, take the little fans out and hook them up to keep air moving across the plants...they are super quiet

saw a setup of an old desktop tower case gutted and a perfect setup to grow a few small plants incognito....

fun wait that was high times..:420:

a small greenhouse set up...get a few box fans and keep them running 24/7 low speed, just need to move the wind around.

EDIT: ok i was high when i posted this...didnt see you had figured it out,

it was fun growing small amounts but was alot of work for just 6 or 8 small plants in a closet, in an apartment...but was fun and the weed was pretty dam good i must say

so i will buy a damaged epiphone acoustic on eBay and have it sent to you in Canada, you pack it full with weed then forward to me in the lower 48 umkay? :fingersx:
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