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bruce bennett

Jun 3, 2009
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who said anything about bone? the OP was talking about roller vs. locking nut.

well I did a few posts up. but only because it has a direct bearing on the OPs question..

but in your post, I wasn't quoting the OP...

you will have to go back and re-read my first post.

I actually don't disagree with "all" of it. but that's just me making distinctions between "designs" again

the Wilkinsen roller nuts of the 80s had problems with it's "axles" creating rattle noise. the Microfrets roller nuts used nylon rollers and didn't not sustain as well as bone or metal even though the MF nut frame was stamped steel.

but the LSR ball bearing nuts which don't use axles, don't lose sustain and do actually seem to increase it, even though they do add that metallic tonality to the open chords..
there are several facets to this question and anytime there is someone asking "why don't we do X" then you can't really discuss it intelligently without touching on all the aspects.

as for locking V roller nut question..
NOTHING will ever stay in tune as well as Locking off the string at the Nut point.
it's just that the hassles of Allen wrenches and dealing with the required fine tuning issues of locking nuts have opened up an opportunity for roller nuts to gain in favor... Provided the designs are good enough.


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Nov 26, 2010
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who said anything about bone? the OP was talking about roller vs. locking nut.

I mentioned locking nuts, but my intent was roller over slotted bone or similar conventional type nuts.

Once the string is fretted, the nut's tone is pretty much nil, isn't it?

I'm thinking more of tuning issues, and the hassles of tight nuts, and changing string gauge issues.