Callaham Locking ABR-1, Locking Tailpiece & Height Adjustment Spacers


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Oct 31, 2010
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I'll let these go for $200, shipped to your door via Priority Mail, anywhere in the lower 48.

This is the full locking Callaham Set. I bought everything that was offered. Locking bridge, tailpiece with locking studs, height adjustment spacers and even the steel tailpiece body inserts, if you wanted to install those. The bridge locks via a set screw and the tailpiece locks like Faber locks. Nickel plated, not distressed or relic'd. These look and present as brand spanking new, but the saddles are notched. Very shallow notches, but it needs to be mentioned.

The Callaham stuff is made out of solid cold rolled steel, then precision milled to the individual parts. The quality is really amazing honestly. Not much more I can say. If you want to read why he thinks steel is better, here is the link:

This specific set will fit guitars with USA spaced and sized tailpiece studs and guitars with 6-32 sized ABR-1 bridge posts. There is info below about the price of studs to convert from Nashville to ABR, and with the Callaham stuff that installation process is a breeze. If I can do it, literally anyone can.

The only item(s) missing are the conversion studs to convert from Nashville to ABR and the thumb wheels. I had to leave those on the guitar I installed them on when I sold it. You can buy the conversion studs & thumb wheels for $18 from Callaham, or if you already have 6-32 studs just the thumb wheels are $10; or you can just use the thumb wheels you have.

The full price for all of these items is $304, either from Callaham or one of his authorized dealers. I'll take $20 off the top for the missing conversion studs and thumb wheels, which you don't even need if you have an ABR-1 bridge already. So that's $284; new adjusted price. I'm down to one LP, and that one already has a Faber set on it, so this pair is redundant for me.

I'll let these go for $200, shipped to your door via Priority Mail, anywhere in the lower 48.

Pics on request, but again these look like brand spanking new.
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