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Nov 14, 2013
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Cutthroat Audio offers built to order, high quality cables using premium components.

Our flagship Royal Wulff™ is the lowest capacitance instrument cable out there. G&H Silent plug standard on instrument end. A beautiful sounding cable, especially when paired with PAF’s or P90’s. $69.95–$93.95

The Sparkle Dun™ is low cap cable that is a little warmer sounding than the Royal Wulff. G&H silent plug standard on instrument end. An excellent choice for Strats, Teles, single coils. $63.95–$87.95

The Dragon Nymph™ is a robust, 4-conductor heavy duty speaker cable designed for rigorous use, while delivering a clear, strong and neutral signal to your amp’s speaker or speaker cab. $42.95–$56.95

Got power? The
Copper John™ is a no-nonsense power cable. Audio-grade Wattgate connectors, Sommer 13AWG premium power cable, and it won't break the bank. If you don't hear the difference, send it back! $89.95–$119.95

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