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Nov 13, 2013
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First off, yes I did see the sticky thread and I have used the 'search tool'... I'm just looking for affirmation as I do not want to destroy my speakers... as my custom order Mesa Boogie cab was 'destroyed' or 'disposed' of in the post and I won't have it till another 6-8 weeks.....:mad:

So I have a Marshall 1960AX cab that is rated at 16 ohms and looks like this from factory...

I would like to rewire it to 4ohms... All I did was change the two blue wires, so on the bottom it's going from negative to negative and the top two speakers are going from positive to positive(I also had to move the two wires that go to the jack so everything would reach)

It now looks like this...

So guys, have I done it right? Or will I damage something?

Ozzy Mandeus

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Feb 8, 2013
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That won't work! For starters, you have only one terminal connected on the bottom right speaker, and for desert the output is only wired to the top left! This will give you one working speaker and an output load of 16Ω

What you need is not what I posted! BRB!


You need two extra leads - 4 ohms means you need to run the 4 speakers in parallel with each other, so all the + terminals need connecting and so do all the - ones.

Easiest way is to use the blue leads to connect + to + and - to - across the bottom pair, make some new leads that do the same for the top ones, use the long wires to connect the pairs together (+ to + and - to - again) and connect the input leads anywhere convenient. (probably the last two terminals left over on the top set)

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