BYO guitar kits


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Mar 15, 2010
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I had one sitting in my cart several weeks ago off of Ebay. I even had several emails back and forth with a nice girl "Kim" about the hardware and could components be swapped. (The one that was listed had gold components and I wanted chrome/nickel) It was than that I came upon the BullDog build from Texas07R8.. I ordered a BullDog kit 10 minutes after reading that thread start to finish. Yes I have spent quite a bit more but in the end it will wind up the same by the time you start swapping out parts to improve upon the kit.

They are what they are. A GREAT way to get into building your own guitar but one needs to realize that even a Yugo was a way to drive ;)

Just my 2 cents......


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Jan 10, 2011
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hello, the BYO guitar kits are very good and so is the customer service I order a les paul jr double cut kit and the inserts for the bridge fit loosely in the holes. So I emailed the company asking them what I should do. A few days later I got a reply back saying that they shipped out another body also fitted with a new neck. I haven't built this guitar yet but it's been a good experience so far.

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