Buying R9 2019 60th anniversary or R8 2018 with a good top


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Nov 17, 2020
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The R8 by a mile then. I‘ve bought many a pretty LP because of how it looked only to ultimately sell it because its tone didn’t speak to me in the long run. But I have never sold a great sounding LP because of its lack of looks. Sound/tone is always #1. I would take a great sounding but plain looking guitar over a great looking but plain sounding one ANY DAY!!!

Plus, TBH, I don’t like the top on the R9... it’s too symmetrical and modern looking... it looks like something you’d find on a 2013 Gibson USA LP Standard rather than a ‘59 Burst. The R8 looks a lot more vintage and convincing to my eye. I much prefer a Reissue to look the part.

Throw in the price diff on the two you’re considering and it’s an absolute no-brainer (for me). That said, based purely on looks, neither of these would get a second look from me if I was looking to spend the kind of cabbage you’re talking about! There are just tons and tons of options out there, shop around and find one with looks and me they exist! ;)

And take your time, no rush... enjoy the process. Heck the hunt is half the fun! :cheers:
Thank a lot, am hunting for some more time now, find a really good one in taiwan, am thinking buy it through reverb.

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