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Jun 24, 2012
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The original vintage Fender 5F2A Tweed Princeton has a Tweed Champ PT and a 3.2 ohm OT that is slightly larger than the 3.2 OT used in the Tweed Champ. The best OT was the Plastic Bobbin Triad 3.2 ohm OT. You can fit a 12" speaker in the Tweed Princeton Cab, it;s tight. I use the 12F125 Weber 3.2 ohm speaker. I had an extra Tweed Princeton and I swapped the OT and put the Princeton OT in the Champ and the Champ in the Princeton. I have a Champ with the larger 3.2 ohm OT now and it's a little better than stock OT.
You can also fit a large Weber 8A125 speaker in a Tweed Champ if you relocate the OT, the holes are already drilled in the chassis, simply move it over. Look at this pic, you can either move it over "straight" or turn it on an angle and it fits right over the screw that holds the circuit board on. Simply remove the screw from the circuit board and tap the screw on the back side to hold the OT in both locations. Save the extra screw for safekeeping.



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Apr 1, 2011
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What would the inward vs outward lip be for? Head vs combo?

Really just mounting preference. The flange turned outward is less fussy to mount (the screws do not intrude into the chassis, so no possibility of contacting any wires or circuit components), but requires that your head cab is wider enough to at least include those flanges sticking out. If you use the inward lip style, theoretically, you could build the cab tight to the outside measurement of the chassis. This is convenient if you want to use a cab face that only comes down to the top lip of the chassis.

I'd say it is really just a style preference on how you want to make your head cab look.

and Chupe442, I've used AES and Tube Depot as sources before, both are great. I find it best to try to minimize the suppliers if possible, thus reducing the amount paid in shipping charges. Good luck on your build !


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May 1, 2011
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From what I can see, the 5F2a is what I want to build. Basically it appears that 5F2a is the 5F1 with a tone knob and noise reduction circuit. As much as I would like more bells and whistles, I also need to keep this simple as it is a first time build.

To add some misery to my plan, I really do not want to buy the chassis kit since the chassis that comes in the kit would be for the cabinet/combo. I like the looks of the open head with the tube up on the top.. This either has me building or buying head type chassis (that I have not found yet).

I have looked at a few of the kits out there and Mojotone is where I keep coming back to. It looks like pretty much a complete kit, WITHOUT cabinet and speaker will set me back $300.00. If I get a kit without the chassis and build my own for the head, depending on the manufacturer/distributer it will still run me $225-250.00 for the parts. Does this sound right or have I yet to find the less expensive without getting from China kit?


I've built several tweed amps over the years. You can get a 5F1 turret board at Antique Electronics Supply for around $5.43. Instead of (2) 16ufd filter caps, use a 47ufd, 22ufd, 22ufd (I prefer F&T caps). You can source transformers on e-Bay or other suppliers and even use a "cake pan" as a chassis. Quality electronic components will set you back $60 and you can get a good Heyboer transformer set on eBay for around $118. You can always install the parts later in a 5F2A chassis $65, and buy a good tweed cabinet from Mojotone for around $250. A WGS G8C is a fantastic 8" speaker for a vintage original style tweed combo. This makes for a great practice and recording combo amp. What most people don't realize is that a tweed covered pine cabinet will resonate and contribute to the overall sound. I have a 5E3 tweed deluxe and 5F2A that I keep because they are both different animals. Tweed amps and a strat or tele are great, and a Les Paul pushes them into overdrive heaven.

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