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Mar 19, 2007
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When Queensryche released Promised Land, this song just struck a chord with me. At the time, my Dad and I were arguing quite a lot (I was 27 and he was 52) and didn't "connect" much - different eras, views, perspectives, lives and ages...!!
I fell into a suicidal depression in 2009 (a good friend died of the big C) and over the intervening years, we started again.... Unfortunately, Dad was diagnosed with Cancer last year and is still being treated - we go for results of his current scan today (big intake of breath)... Having lost a lot of family and friends to Cancer over the years, it's a bitter blow that I'm now walking that same path, but with my Dad.
Just felt the need to record this song - we're good friends now, so it's no longer applicable - but will always make me remember the time we wasted just being angry at each other..........
I did this in one take, so it's got mistakes, mic'd through Music Creator 5 and a crappy Sony Handycam.
It hurt singing it.....
Peace to you all and don't use your lives up being angry with the ones you love..!!