Brian by Bacchus Stratocaster


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Nov 14, 2009
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Selling my MIK Brian by Bacchus strat. Don't know the model number made in the early 90's.

$350CDN OBO plus shipping.

Volume pot is a tad scratchy but other than that it's fine.

More details and pics in the link below.

First picture is pretty much dead on the burst colour. The pickguard was replaced with a single coil Vinaham Raw Dog/Stra-Dog P90.

The current pick guard is not a a perfect match. If I put the top screw in the selector switch it forces the guard up too far for my liking. I can switch back to the other guard if you like and reinstall the humbucker.

Selling because I'm not overly fussy on the slim neck profile and have a MIM Fender waiting for me.

Make me an offer, nothing reasonable refused.