Breedlove Voice CM Acoustic Electric Rare Model Rosewood/Spruce


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Sep 6, 2009
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Selling a killer Breedlove Voice CM. Very full sound acoustically and amazing natrual pickup when plugged in.

$2000 shipped paypal.

Vid of actual guitar for sale:

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Pure acoustic tone has joined with L.R. Baggs's Anthem TRU-VOICE Technology to create the most authentic acoustic voice ever produced. Unique Body Design: The Breedlove Voice Original body style allows for a comfortable, ergonomic fit with the cutaway offering access to the upper frets. The cutaway creates a shorter treble side and an extended bass side which adds to the balanced tone of the Breedlove Voice. Graduated Top Thickness: The Breedlove Voice Guitars feature a top with graduated thickness. The Treble side of the top is thicker than the Bass side allowing for a more balanced volume among all the tones, lows, mids and highs. Breedlove's JLD Bridge Truss System: On most acoustic Guitars, strings exert around 200 pounds of pressure on the bridge and top of the guitar dampening the vibrations which create up to 80% of the music. The Breedlove JLD Bridge Truss System acts as a cantilever to relieve this pressure allowing the top to float and to resonate more freely. Featured on Original Series instrument. Breakthrough electronics: Most pickup systems capture the string vibrations through an under-saddle piezo pickup. When plugged in, the actual tonal uniqueness of those instruments is inconsequential. This is why most acoustic-electric guitars sound similar to all others and not unlike an electric guitar. Breedlove worked with L.R. Baggs to develop a custom Anthem Tru-Voice electronics system. The noise cancelling microphone rides inside the body above the bridgeplate to capture the true tone and character of the instrument. The Anthem Tru-Voice System is custom tuned to each Breedlove Voice model. As a result, the amazing tone and balance of a Breedlove Voice is unchanged whether it's unplugged in an intimate setting or amplified for a crowd.

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