Bought a nice little "backup" guitar


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Feb 26, 2021
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I went to my local center to play some cheapo instruments hoping to settle on a decent backup to the Epi LP 50's Gold Top. After playing a bunch of lesser Epi's, Squier Teles and Strats, back to back with lower-end Gibson SG's and Fenders, I settled upon a burgundy Epiphone SG Special.

What really drew me to it was just how easily playable it is. The SG makes my Les Paul feel like a baseball bat glued to a boat anchor... OK, not that bad, but the SG is a very comfortable guitar to play. The P-90 Pro pups sound really good, not Gibson-like but close. And the setup on this thing was darn near spot on from the get-go. I was concerned about intonation with the fixed bridge but it's very close to being perfect.

I guess the best "backup" guitar is one you would have no reservation about using as a primary in any situation, and this one fits. Epiphone has really stepped up their game lately.

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