Boss SY-300 Guitar Synth

Rocco Crocco

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Feb 7, 2013
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Excellent condition. $400 Shipped to Lower 48. Comes with original box, manual, and power supply.

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Jan 22, 2012
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A modern classic piece of gear, if you dig the synth stuff!
Talking of...
Bought it after seeing Mik Sweeney play one at the Hammersmith Astoria.

(just put the overlay on top for the pic'. usually it's in the case)

(Roland G-303 Synth Guitar)

(not kinked, just the way the cable's angled up).

Not actually a pic' of my Roland GR-300 foot-controller (which is up in my loft and I didn't realise I have no pic's until now. lololol)

They Might Be Giants asked to borrow it about 3 or 4 years ago.
It's one of a few that still work apparently.
The cable or the connections are usually broken.
They asked for details of it's working condition.
But I never heard any more from them.
(It's in London and I think they would've wanted me to send it to them via JFK. I wouldn't have been willing to do do that to be fair.).

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