Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal


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Jan 2, 2013
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I've contemplated getting an octave pedal for a while after playing a EHX POG some time back.
I picked up the new OC-5 a couple of weeks ago, and after spending some time with it, it's a keeper.

The tracking and sound quality is awesome.
This is the video that pushed me over the edge to get one.

My original intention was to use it with my looper and acoustic, but I've been playing my Strat through it since I got it.
I'm usually not a big pedal guy, but holy crap this thing is too much makes riffs sound MASSIVE.
I'm starting to realize that Prince used something similar on several tracks of Purple Rain, so I've been having fun revisiting that stuff, along some other 80's stuff.....and RATM.
It also has a range function that allows you to only have the bass note on the low E and A string to play, while the other strings are unaffected.
+1 octave up
- 1 octave down
- 2 octaves down
These can be be adjusted and mixed with the direct signal for all kinds of tones/flavors.
It has a switch that also allows it to be dedicated for bass as well as guitar.

Highly recommended!! :thumb:


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May 29, 2015
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I have a TC Electronics Sub ‘N’ Up. Apparently the octave unit is made by Boss. Same three octaves, mixable, but no range control. Tons of fun. Add a vibe and get your Jon Lord/Deep Purple on!

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May 19, 2010
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That poly mode sounds so massive. I have a Whammy Ricochet and use it in latch mode as an octave pedal. There is certainly some mild latency though, and this OC-5 sounds spot on layered with no latency. It literally sounds like a layered double tracking. Pretty impressive.

I used an OC-3 over a decade ago, and learned that Octave pedals really bring out the worst in your playing. Much like how delay used well requires tempo perfect playing. When I was using the OC-3 every single minor tuning or neck intonation problem on the guitar was amplified. Made me hate Octave pedals for years.

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