Boss MS-3 on Pedaltrain Novo 18 with Voodoo Labs Power 2 Plus


Hack Guitarist
Jun 27, 2012
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This is a boss MS-3 mounted on a Pedaltrain Novo 18. It comes with a Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 plus mounted on the underside of the board. It is currently wired super neat for 6 power cables. 1 to the Boss, 1 to the wah and 3 for the additional pedals you can run to the loops of the MS-3 with one extra. The Mini Wah is included as well. Just drop your pedals on the board, run through the loops of the MS-3 and you can create hundreds of patches. I'm not gigging anymore and this was an amazing solution live. I ran my drive pedals through the loops of the MS-3 and used all the onboard modulation effects of the MS-3. Also comes with the case for the pedaltrain and a few extra power cables. I'm not parting this out. Selling as one full unit. $500 shipped. No trades. Email at [email protected]. A few more pics at the IMGUR link below.


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