best years for r4, r6 & r7?

Tim Plains

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Feb 10, 2008
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Couldn't agree more Rudi. But occasionally, just occasionally: it's true.
If it were true, then it would apply to all 2007 historics, so no, it is not true. You like one particular R9 that happened to be made in 2007. There really nothing more to it.

David Mccarroll

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Oct 11, 2011
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Probably cause of the Braz in 03 and Honduras mahogany in 07?

I have a 2005 R9 and a 2013 R7. Here´s what I gather from that.

Finish: R9 wins (harder, slicker, no VOS).

Colour: R7 wins back colour, also the 2013 gold is nicer than the earlier stuff, but can´t compare gold and burst.

Tuners/hardware: R7 tuners look and feel better, same goes for bridge.

Pickups: R7 wins.

Fretboard: R9 wins.

Acoustic sound: R9 wins.

Neck: can´t compare, two different profiles, both are nice.

Electronics: Both are decent but the pots on the R7 have a slightly better taper.

Weight: similar

If you go by numbers the R7 has a slight edge, but on the other hand the stuff that might matter more (ie not so easy to change out), like acoustic sound, fretboard and finish to me is more important.

With all due respect only one of your criteria is based on tone (acoustic sound of the 59RI) - so what exactly are you trying to set as the reasons one is better than the other? All the "historic accuracy" stuff is basically rubbish - it's purely cosmetics, Honduran Mahogany is the same genus as Fijian Mahogany (yes, yes, yes, different growing conditions - like, Honduran Mahogany from a South facing slope will sound just like that from a North facing slope and both will eat any Fijian Mahogany....)

Ultimately if you are a player all that really matters is: what it sounds like; what it plays like.

Everything is utterly irrelevant.

Unless you want a wall ornament that is.

And, no, there are no "great years" and no "crap years" - there are amazing guitars from every year in Gibson's history, and lots of less spectacular instruments in every year - yes, even in 1959 - it was just a year - the one between 1958 and 1960, and how on Earth it became the legendary year is just utterly beyond me.

Buy the one that talks to you.


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May 5, 2014
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wondering what are considered the best years for r4's, r6's and r7's?
looking to pick up a beat up player grade example at a good price for playing out.
i know '03 and '07 were considered "good years" for r8/r9/r0's, but don't know anything about the gold tops.

The answer is obviously 2014,
that year can make the claim of being made two years in a row;
I don't know of any other year that can make that claim.


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Oct 1, 2010
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The one you like most, is the best 1 ..that's easy .No 1 year is all Better Then another .
Buy and Pray it's as good as you've been told.
Good and bad from day to day no less year to year ....

Guitars made on Monday and Friday and the day before a long week-end , might be 1's you might think twice about buying :wow::hmm:


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Jul 6, 2014
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Anywhere from about 92 or whenever the reissues started to present.
One from before this time could feel a bit insubstantial due to their non existence.

This question gets asked over and over again. Maybe we need a sticky or a blatant banner saying 'there are no good years'.
Its one of those myths, where you get 5 or 10 people saying their guitars from x year are good, and by extension therefore the entire years production of thousands must also be gooddespite them never having even laid eyes on them. And then you rely on some stranger's opinion who might have completely different tastes in tone as your judge of the fraction of a percentage of that years output.
Not what I'd call statistically reliable.

Truly spoken.


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Jan 25, 2012
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Not to hijack, but what would you folks say is a good $ for a 2013 R6 in as NOS condition (8.5 lbs.)?


Mar 24, 2013
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If it were true, then it would apply to all 2007 historics, so no, it is not true. You like one particular R9 that happened to be made in 2007. There really nothing more to it.

Hence my careful use of the word 'occasionally'. Twice even. :)

BTW: the 'true' comment was in response to Rudi saying that the best year is the one you're selling. Nothing to do with 2007.

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