Best way to stack stereo pedals??


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Jan 29, 2012
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Hi Groovers,
I have a conundrum. I'd like to use some stereo effects I have, but I'm not sure of the best way of stacking the pedals. Specifically I have a Boss BF3 flanger, Boss DD7 Delay and TC electronic Mimiq. Until now I've had them in that order but I'm looking into getting the most from the pedals. The problem is, the BF3 doesn't have stereo in, just either 'guitar' or 'bass'. Can these be used as stereo 'in'? If I have stereo from the BF3 into the DD7 I can't use the ping-pong stereo delay or the ADT function as the pedal relies on input from the B jack only to use these effects. The last pedal in my chain is my new Mimiq. Does what is says on the box, but if any stereo effects are used before it you can't pan them once they've been through the mimiq. I'm wondering if I should take a channel from each stereo output and combine them at the end of the signal, and have the other channel run mono into each of the pedals. Any thoughts on if this would allow my panning/stereo effects to work to their fullest?

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