Belated showing off a NUGD!


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Jun 12, 2015
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Hey all. I got this beastie a couple of months ago, and been too busy at work, and too busy on the guitar, to finally post pics of it.

A 1977 Aria Pro II PE 125. SOLID maple cap on a 1 piece mahogany body, maple neck and fretboard, and that wonderful German carved top. Playability wise, it's just a sweet playing Paul copy. Nice action, great sustain, and has a nice weight to it. (somewhere around the 9 1/2 pound mark.) Stupidly solid feel to it, as if Gibson made it. Now it did not have the original pickups in it, and the ones pictured, were.... okish, sorta, kinda, in a way. You know, they worked, but nothing special. (A set of Epiphone HOTCH. ehhh….) So, I went on that hunt for the right pickups. Started with a set of early 80's MMK45 from Matsumoku. Not right. Then a set of Ibanez V2 for the 80's, then a set of Super 58's, followed by a early 70's Dimarzio Dual Sound in the neck, and a Ducan JB in the bridge, then another set of Duncan Jazz, followed by about 3 more changes. Nothing felt right. Then I spied a set of Chinese $15 A5 humbuckers in the drawer and went, "Why the hell not" expecting to toss them back in the drawer, if not the trash bin. Well, I was pleasantly surprised with the pickups in it. It bought out that missing something that the other pickups seemed to miss! For $15 bucks from feebay!!!! Gotta love the Chinese!






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