Awesome weekend playing music with my friends


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Sep 22, 2013
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Played 9 hours in two days. Set up early yesterday, played acoustics for 2.5 hours, then full rock band until the cops showed up at midnight to shut us down, again.

My good picking buddy has been in town helping me remodel my house. He sat in, and ran sound. Then it was back to the shop for after hours picking. Then we said fuck it, loaded everything but the pa this morning, and played for another 3 hours as an acoustic duo until my wife shut us down and said “get your ass home”.

My buddy and I ran an open mic together for years back in the day. We haven’t played together as a duo in many years. It was like old times, except we have both improved over the years, and we aren’t near as damn loud.

It was a good preper course for my solo acoustic aspersions.

Hot times!
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